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A-level Physics Tutor   -   a free resource for aspiring physicists.


A-level Physics Tutor covers advanced physics for secondary/high school and includes much in-depth content common to first year university courses on the subject.

All nine e-books of physics notes are now available to download as pdf files - enjoy!


Electricity E-book



6 chapters, 32 pages (1.24MB)

Nuclear Physics E-book


Nuclear Physics

8 chapters, 32 pages (995KB)


Mechanics E-book



18 chapters, 88 pages (2.12MB)

Waves E-book



12 chapters, 65 pages (3.21MB)


Optics E-book



12 chapters, 51 pages (2.16MB)

Fields E-book



12 chapters, 75 pages (3.19MB)


Matter E-book



4 chapters, 18 pages (666KB)

Thermal Physics E-book


Thermal Physics

6 chapters, 34 pages (1.16MB)


Quantum Physics E-book


Quantum Physics

5 chapters, 26 pages (922KB)





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