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laws of refraction
refractive index
common refractive indices


total internal reflection

Critical Angle
90o deviation with 90o prism
180o deviation with 90o prism
optical fibres



derivation of minimum deviation
chromatic dispersionv
minimum angle of dispersion


convex lenses

types of lens
basic ray diagram
power of a lens
ray diagrams
The Lens Formula
chromatic aberration


concave lenses

types of lens
basic ray diagram
ray diagrams


plane mirrors

Laws of Reflection
plane mirror images
mirror rotation


concave mirrors

basic ray diagram
ray diagrams
proof of r = 2f
The Mirror Formula
caustic curves
parabolic mirrors


convex mirrors

basic ray diagram
ray diagrams
proof of r = 2f



astronomical refracting telescope
terrestrial telescope
Galilean telescope
reflecting telescopes



magnifying glass
compound microscope


the eye

eye biology
visual angle
angular magnification
near point
short sight
long sight


the camera

introduction - the SLR camera
depth of field




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